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How To Get A Retirement Visa In Thailand There are many foreigners that want to retire in Thailand. You can travel and live in Thailand for a small amount of money. Qualifications needed would be to be at least 50 years old, be healthy physically, and can also financially support themselves while retiring in Thailand. Contact a Thai consulate in order to be up to date with the latest information. Rules will often change and sites will not be updated.
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You can go to the website and download the forms that are required. You would be needing an application form, medical clearance form, personal data, and a police records check.
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You would need to have a visa sized photo for submission together with the application. Diseases like tuberculosis, drug addiction, or leprosy will be detected once there is a medical checkup. Important tests could last for a week or so. If you cannot do international police checks, consulates will still accept local police checks. The neighborhood police can provide a background check on you. This would also take one to two weeks. Financial documents will support the application for the visa. Documents that you would need would be things like your statement, tax returns, and retirement account statements. You can also write a statement about how much money you would be receiving for pension. It can also be helpful to put a copy of a passport photo page. Contact your Thai consulate in order to ensure that you have the necessary documents. This will also assure you that you have completed the right number of requirements, copies, and other documents. It is better to get a multiple entry visa so that it will be easier for you to travel. It is important that you check in with the Thai immigration office every 90 days and also apply for a year extension. It is an easy thing to acquire a retirement visa. It is important that you give enough time to accomplish the necessary requirements in order to obtain the retirement visa. Asking help from competent lawyers is also ideal in order for you to be assisted and also make sure your application will be successful. If you are interested in the beach or other marine life, Thailand can be the place for you to retire. Some people want to get away from the Western culture and so Thailand will be the best place to do this. The climate is also an important factor that makes the country attractive for retirees. There are a lot of people who find Thailand an attractive place to retire in. Thailand has the natural beauty, developing economy, and a low cost of living which makes it ideal for retirement. Retirement in Thailand is a good option when you just want to have fun and enjoy.