Toronto Travel Guide For First Time Travelers

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Toronto is a city that first-time travelers shouldn’t miss out in their itinerary. Canada is an accessible destination for travelers but follows strict policies towards first-timers. There is a way for travelers without a Canadian visa to enjoy the many faces of Toronto. If you are a citizen of a country that is listed as eligible for ETA Canada, you should be qualified for the Kanada ETA application. Let us take a sneak peek into some of the many iconic sites and places that the large city of Toronto has to offer.

Toronto’s CN Tower

This structure should be a given destination in a traveler’s itinerary when checking out Toronto. Also considered as an engineering “Wonder of the Modern World,” the CN Tower offers visitors a 1,815 feet bird’s eye view of the city. This landmark was built to showcase Canada’s pride industrial strength, and it operates the renowned 360 The Restaurant.

The restaurant set the Guinness record for the world’s highest wine cellar in 2006. It is a must for you to step into the tower. You may refer to their website for more information about the attractions and events taking place:

The Remarkable Sport of Canada

Toronto screams more than the CN Tower. The Hockey Hall of Fame is an exciting place to be, especially for first-time travelers who are enthusiastic about hockey or even play the sport themselves. You might also be lucky to catch a game, so why not watch one or two games?

There are packages offered to accommodate different agendas and number of people for weekdays and weekends. Home of the Stanley Cup, the museum and entertainment place is home to collections of hockey mementos and theaters that present clips of iconic hockey games and moments.

Nature Among Human Innovation

Canada keeps up its reputation with nature in Toronto by providing people with natural surroundings. Here are some places to visit and relax in:

•    High Park – Spring is the recommended season when strolling through High Park. Take your time and appreciate the view of Cherry blossoms, or Sakura trees, watch the waters of Grenadier Pond pleasingly shimmer, visit the llamas and buffalos that are in the park’s mini-zoo, and have a pleasant meal by the picnic area. There are grassy fields and open spaces for people to enjoy and have fun, the Adventure Park which is a playground for kids, and a dog park for dogs to roam leash-free.  Indeed, you would agree that Toronto has the largest public park in the country.

•    Allan Gardens Conservatory – This indoor botanical garden was rebuilt and repurposed in1910 by the city. Once used as a multipurpose hall for flower shows and conventions, this domed structure houses a variety of plant life. Make your way around the greenhouses such as the Palm House, Tropical Houses, Tropical Landscape House, Cool Temperate House, and Arid House.

Historical Landmarks that Stimulate Productivity

It is an excellent deal to educate yourself with some of the significant events of Toronto’s past and catch an idea of how the city was shaped. Check out some of these historical attractions:

•    Casa Lomo – This castle-like structure of a mansion was once a home of the Canadian named Sir Henry Pellatt. It is a property for you to explore and fulfill that craving for royalty. Roam the many attractions of the house museum, the tunnels that lead to secret passages, and the castle grounds. Just make sure to check on the schedules and plan your visit at the right time since the mansion accommodates hotel guests and other occasions or events.

•    Fort York – Once established as a naval base, this fort served as a defensive outpost against the war threats back in 1812. Today, it houses a collection of military resources and fortifications that were used in battle. You can avail a tour and walk through each of the exhibits such as the Soldier’s Barracks Room, the 1815 Kitchen and Archeology Exhibit, Officer’s Mess Kitchen Garden, HMS Nancy Display Case, The Soldier’s Trade, Watertable, Archeology: The Search for History Beneath our Feet, and War on the Lakes.

Appreciation to Reliving the Wonderful Past

You should know that you owe Toronto a visit to the Distillery District. Wandering in this area of Toronto may sound like a making a trip back to the Victorian Era due to its historical infrastructures. Now a national historic site, the district features many of Canada’s industrial and architectural heritage, and it also serves to share the culture and arts as manifested in its restaurants, galleries, and theatres. It would surely be a memorable experience for first-time travelers, especially when you meet new people and make new friends over some music and beer.

Traveling to Toronto for the first time could somehow make you feel as if you were a city local. With all its many faces, Toronto is a place of pure adventure and education. No doubt, anyone in Toronto can gravitate towards that sense of pride for not just Canada, but also human innovation. Take this travel guide with you to Toronto now and expect to be blown away with more than what was stated in here.