Things to do and places to see in Moldova

You wish to visit Moldova or already are here and you’re not extremely familiar with it? Then there is a certain trap that you might fall into as a tourist. This country isn’t exactly flashy and it can seem that there is nothing to do here, however this is not exactly true. It has a rich culture and many great things to show, that are waiting to be discovered. Finding them involves a fair amount of drives, so you have to be up for it, and if you are, then you’ll certainly be rewarded.

The first places that might interest you are the orthodox churches and monasteries. The most well-known of them, starting with the closest to the furthest ones from the capital, are: Căpriana, Hâncu, Curchi, Noul Neamț, Țîpova, Saharna. Dating since 15th century and even earlier, they are high value attraction points for people that wish to meditate and admire the splendid architecture.

While in Orhei, it is also a must visiting the Old City – Orheiul Vechi. Here, you can find easily the most incredible view in the country and many other old structures.

The next places on the list are what Moldova is known for… and Moldova is known for its wine.

The Cricova and Mileștii Mici wineries are the most well-known ones and they offer fairly cheap and very engaging tours. Since both of them are very close to Chisinau, having a trip through the underground mazes full of old wine is a must.

While at it, why not give some cognac a try? In Tiraspol, the Kvint factory can show you how it’s produced and offer some high-quality drinks.

While in the capital, you must visit as many restaurants as possible and there is a huge variety of them. The living expenses in Moldova are very low and the food is cheap as well. And not only that it’s cheap, but it is also extremely good. Agriculture is what people have been doing here for ages, so every possible ingredient is natural and has a rich flavor. No matter which cuisine you prefer, it is simple to find the right place and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget about the national food as it will also not let you down in the slightest.

If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, the Dendrariu Park and Grădina Botanică are great places to relax.

As it was mentioned above, living in Chisinau is not going to be a strain on your budget. This is why, you can allow yourself a fair degree of luxury. Find a great hotel in Moldova and fully enjoy your stay, without holding back. Since this is also an important part of the experience, choose a place to stay where you can truly feel comfortable.