The Ultimate Luxury Holiday


“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity”, observed Henry Brown Jackson Jr, author of the inspirational 1990 NYT bestseller,Lifes Little Instruction Book. And the opportunity to experience the best the world has to offer doesn’t come without a price tag. But for many of the destinations and experiences in our list, it’s an opportunity that really is too expensive to miss.


  1. Luxury Adventure

There are precious few corners of the world left untouched and still ripe for adventure, but the pristine jungle in KhaoSok national park comes very close indeed.

The rare Flora and Fauna in this 160-million-year-old forest has to be seen to be believed. And for £1715 you can experience this Elephants and Island Escape, all from the comfort of Thailand’s first floating hotel resort.

Other life changing opportunities to get involve in at KhaoSok include skirting the ancient forest’s edge in a Kayak, Lake swimming, and an abundance of other wildlife tours.


  1. Luxury Safari

The opportunity to retrace the steps of Ernest Hemmingway on his African safari adventures has long been a personal ambition. Fortunately, tour companies such as Hemingway Safaris allow you to do just that in countries across the continent form Botswana to Zimbabwe.

If the recent furore over Cecil the Lion make you question the ethics of such trips, most legitimate tour companies have a strong conservationist stance, with much of the profit from tourism being used to ensure the wellbeing of possibly the most beautiful and fragile ecosystems on the planet.

Services and prices range between tour operators depending on duration and itinerary but most provide price estimates on request.


  1. Luxuriate in Peace

If a break from commodified modern life sounds like just the ticket, why not take a few weeks in SvargaLoca Wellbeing retreat in Bali? The upscale resort will see you accommodated high in the canopies of the Campuhan River Valley jungle, amongst ancient shrines and exotic plant life in an area that once belonged to the Balinese Royal family.

A two week break at SvargaLoca, inclusive of specialist in-residency retreats, starts at around the £2500 mark. Activities available include Yoga, detox courses, couples connection therapy, and trips to visit traditional Balinese healers.


  1. 24 Hour Party in Luxury

The Maldives has long been associated with tranquillity and pristine beaches. But the new NIYAMA resort in the Maldives seeks to change break out of that mould.

It still features the famous beaches and aquamarine waters, but offers an extra unique among Indian Ocean resorts, the Subsix Nightclub, set six feet below sea level and surrounded by ceiling to floor windows where you can watch the marine life idle past as you dance away into the early hours. It is even home to the regions first 24 hour spar available, so those who have been burning the candle at both ends can heal up ready for the next nights celebrations.


  1. Luxury Sailing

When I think about the ultimate luxury holiday, though, there always one image that springs to mind. That of sunbathing on the back of a luxury private yacht in an idyllic Mediterranean cove, under miles of blue sky and surrounded by pristine blue water.

If the thought of buying a private yacht makes your eyes water at the thought of the expense you might be surprised. That’s not to say that these vessels come cheap, but if you can afford the opportunity, like Henry Brown Jackson Jr says, it may be more expensive to miss out!