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The Importance of Influencer Marketing in the Today’s Business World Everywhere we look, consumers are exposed to the many social platforms brought about by the advancement in today’s technology, and this is making marketing of any brand or services more competitive and challenging. Several marketing strategies are developed because of the modernization of our era and one of these is influencer marketing. In this kind of marketing strategy, the message of the brand is promoted through a person hired as the influencer and not a group of consumers. Considered as influential people, these influencers play the roles of creative people, bloggers, content writers, journalists and others who people would look for advice or opinions. Content marketing and social media marketing are considered as the two major types of influencer marketing. With the consumers of today more exposed to high communication technology, they give more attention to social media rather than the traditional advertisements. The basis of influencer marketing is where the products or services are written about by the influencer in his or her own personal and social channels. Because of this, consumers nowadays would have the tendency to believe the opinions or advice of the influencers rather than what media is advertising.
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Influencer marketing is revolving around trust and honesty of a product or brand that consumers would rather interact compared to the traditional media where some misinformation could happen, and this makes influencer marketing bigger now than digital advertising.
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Today, influencer marketing is all about building up relations and creation of a positive image of a brand or service as compared to the digital advertisements, and this is the reason why as consumers shifted now more to social media, that consumers would look upon influencers for guidance in what and where to buy. Through the better description with interactive message in influencer marketing, market grows faster in a simpler way. Today, instead of looking at the manufacturers like in the past, consumers would now refer to each other and their favourite celebrities who are endorsing the product or service. With influencer marketing, a new age word of mouth has come because of how the method has opened a rush of new waterworks for brands that would connect to consumers directly on a larger arena using a more organic natural marketing method. Thousands and more of consumers can view a message through their social connections, and this is where influencer marketing has a solid foundation in a business. Influencers have the task and trusted to provide the updated information about the products or services being dealt with, and this information can be released to the consumers through social media over several days or weeks.