Reasons Why You Should Visit Bhutan

Located between two giants- India and China, Bhutan is a sovereign nation nestled in the lap of Himalayas. Also known as the land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is widely popular for its landscapes, food, culture, and monuments. If you’re looking to take a break from your fast-paced life, it is time for you to look through various Bhutan Packages and plan a trip to this kingdom.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. The beauty that prevails:

The green lush and the peace that surrounds this beautiful kingdom makes it nothing less than a heaven. Aware of the downsides of rapid modernization, Bhutan has maintained greenery on its land that makes it a scenic beauty.

2. Happiness Matters:

Bhutan tourism measures its development on the basis of Gross National Happiness. According to Buddhist values, the quality of life is dependent on spiritual and mental well-being and that is the only philosophy that Bhutanese people follow.

3. Taktsang Goemba( Tiger Nest Monastery):

Built in 1692, it is one of the most important Buddhist monasteries of Bhutan. Located on a vertical cliff, legend has it that Guru Rinpoche flew to this cliff from Tibet on a flaming tigress.

4. Tshechu Festival:

Tshechu is the annual religious festival of Bhutan. Performed in all dzongs and monasteries, a large number of people gather to witness mask dances and other cultural performances.

5. Dzongs:

Dzongs are Bhutanese forts that have been transformed into administrative offices. These have the typical Bhutanese architecture: wide base, tapered top and are built without a single nail

6. The Mountains Left Unclimbed:

Bhutan has some of the highest unclimbed mountains (e.g. Jichu drake) which are banned for trekking due to religious beliefs. These mountains are considered to be the abode of deities.

7. Living by the traditions:

With sustainable socio-economical development, Bhutan has been able to preserve its culture and traditions. People live by their traditions and value and prefer cultural development over modernization.

8. Unique Cuisine:

Bhutan is a food utopia. Here, rice is red and chili is a vegetable, not just a spice. Their traditional dish, Ema Datshi, is a chili and cheese stew served with rice. Hot, right?

9. Art and Craft:

Bhutanese people are grounded and in constant touch with their religion. Zorig Chusum – the 13 Bhutanese art and crafts are rooted in their philosophy. These are: woodwork, stonework, carving, painting, sculpting, wood turning, blacksmithy, ornament making, bamboo work, paper making, tailoring, and weaving

10. Spiritual Retreat:

In Bhutan, Buddhism is a way of life. Bhutanese people live by Buddhism and often indulge in meditation to find peace. Bhutan can be your meditation haven too.

Now, book your Bhutan Packages and embark on a journey of peace.