My Hubby Understands That Fun is Important After Being Pragmatic to Begin with

For years, I told my spouse that it is imperative that we get a chance to go overseas for a vacation. He promised me we would, but decades passed and it was not happening. Then, on our 35th anniversary, he randomly mentoned we should explore Tuscany in tour together. I looked up from my book and said, “Yeah, right. That won’t happen.” and then I continued to read my book again. As I read through a few more pages, a slip of paper fell out of the book. I didn’t remember putting the paper therem, so I opened it. Inside, it said, “Happy Anniversary! We are going on a tour of Tuscany together!” I was dumbfounded. He had remembered after all the years of me wishing for it!

My husband has never been the romantic type. I always thought that I would be married to someone who is that way. My dad always did his best to romance my mom. My sister and I would giggle and smile each time he brought home flowers, a box of candy or beckoned her to come outside to sit with him under the stars in our backyard. Frankly, because dad was like that, I automatically assumed all guys were that way. So, when I met my husband-to-be, I was a bit disappointed that these types of things were not regular occurrences with him.

At some point, I realized that my husband may not be romantic all the time, but he is very pragmatic and he takes care of business before focusing on other things outside of that. He turns romantic when the time is right. This means he wanted to save up his money so that we could have a trip of a lifetime. He did not want us to go for a short trip and have to rush back home within days without seeing everything I want to see. So, he waited for the right time to spring the wonderful trip to Italy on me.