Improve Reading Comprehension with Targeted Lessons

As students progress through school the standards they are expected to master steadily increase in difficulty. This is a natural way for students to progress through each year of school so they ultimately graduate ready to continue their education or move into the workforce. The best way to ensure that students master standards along the way is to teach them very targeted lessons. English language arts it the area that covers reading standards, and reading standards are a very complex area that require a great deal of planning and preparation. Fortunately for teachers and home school parents, there are great resources available online to take much of the time out of planning.

One great example of this is a collection of thank you mr falker lesson plans. This is a classic story that is written at a second grade level. This story works well as a read aloud, but is also a great story for students to read independently. There are a few major areas that make up the overall subject of reading. The main skill areas for teachers and home school parents to focus their lessons on are comprehension, fluency and word work.

One aspect of reading comprehension is making inferences. This involves students taking something from the story, combining that with something they already know and then drawing a conclusion about the story. The lesson plans that are already created set both the instructor and the student up to practice this skill in a very meaningful way. Another great lesson plan included in this resource helps students work on recognizing a theme in the story. The lesson will guide students to make connections with the characters in the story to help them recognize a lesson or moral they can take away.

Understanding vocabulary and learning how to figure out the meaning of difficult words is another important aspect to becoming a better reader. The lesson plans that are created for this story include a lesson on learning about words with certain suffixes. When students can recognize and understand what suffixes mean, and in turn, how those suffixes change the meaning of a base word they are able to build up their overall reading comprehension skills.