Guides: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

All Drivers manual to Cautious Use of The Car.

A high percentage of road accidents is a result of reckless driving. This is especially the case with the new types of cars with very high rate of acceleration and speed. Hence sports cars drivers should avoid testing the car capabilities, on the roads rather they should use race tracks. Things to observe to ensure careful driving is.

The driver’s attention should all be on the road. As the car’s driver ensure you
are paying attention to the road and other vehicles. Sometimes drivers are forced to break road regulation for their safety as other road users may be posing a risk of causing an accident and the only way to avoid it is by breaking traffic rules. Another item to observe is restricting making or answering calls while driving and engaging in non-verbal communication with other vehicle users such as explaining items by using your hands.

Read all the issued traffic rules and regulations. This is important for new drivers, they should know driving is more than just steering the wheel. It is necessary to learn and understand all road signs as they are put there for a reason. Also when driving into another state or region learn their traffic rules as different places have different road rules and regulations. This also entails fastening your seat belt every time you are driving and making sure that your passengers have also fastened their safety belts before you start driving.

Never drive while drunk or high from any substance. Alcohol and drugs impair person senses such as vision and hearing. Therefore a person is not able to know when the car is over speeding. People arrested while driving under the influence will face the consequences of being sent to jail or paying penalties or their lose their driving documents, irrespective of whether they were involved in an accident or not.
Before jumping into the driver’s seat and starting the car, first confirm the wheels have the appropriate pressure, the car has sufficient fuel and the oil gauge is working properly. This is done to avoid any break downs that could be prevented from occurring. In addition it is important to take the car to the garage for check-up every now and then.

When you are feeling drained of energy take a break to restore the lost energy before getting back to the road. This is necessary for long distance drivers. Late night drivers cause accident by falling asleep while driving thus the car loses control. If you are travelling for a long distance using road transport get a co-driver to drive while you are resting.