Bizarre Eating – Weirdest Restaurants in the World

Some people like to get weird by putting on colorful clothes and going to a suit-and-tie party; others prefer browsing through transsexual dating sites in search of a hookup. Then, some people like to visit incredibly weird and quirky restaurants in the search for the most bizarre dish or the strangest type of service.

If you belong in the last group, we’ve got just the list for you. We’ve reviewed quite a few popular places across the globe and came up with the rundown of the top 4 weirdest restaurants in the world – locations where (sometimes) good food meets bizarre concepts.

  • The Heart Attack Grill

We’ll start things off with a good, old, American restaurant that prides itself on the ability to give its guests cardiac arrest in just one order. The name of this location tells you all you need to know from the get-go – the Heart Attack Grill.

The US cuisine is well known for having big portions and not holding back regarding fat and calories. This restaurant, however, takes it to the next level by offering abnormally large burgers sided with fries deep fried in generous amounts of lard.

The atmosphere is pretty heart attack-y as well since you’re given hospital gowns while being served by waitresses dressed as nurses. There’s even an option to roll you out of the restaurant in a wheelchair if you’re unable to move after eating four beef patties and two dozen slices of bacon – all in one sitting, of course.

  • Modern Toilet

Now we move to Taiwan, which houses one of the most bizarre restaurants the world has ever seen – the Modern Toilet. If you can’t figure out how this name can be given to a dining location, don’t worry, because we couldn’t comprehend it at first, either.

The whole concept of this restaurant revolves around “shocking and confusing the senses,” according to the restaurant’s manager. Everything is toilet-related here: from stylish acrylic toilet seats, and mini toilet bowl plates to plastic urinal cups and desserts served in miniature squat toilets.

  • SnowCastle of Kemi

When someone says “ice hotel” or “ice restaurant,” you immediately think of Finland, right? There’s a good reason for that since the most famous establishments of this type can be found precisely in this European country.

The SnowCastle of Kemi is one of the most popular dining locations that’s not just bizarre, but also cool-looking (pun intended). The experience this hotel provides is unique, especially if you’re planning to sit down in the SnowRestaurant where it’s 23° F (-5° C), and ice, mood lighting, and raindeers surround you.

  • Alcatraz E.R.

We’ll end things off with something everyone looking for a weird restaurant expects to find at some point – a bizarre prison-hospital style eatery located in Japan.

The Alcatraz E.R. lets you in only after you’ve declared your blood type, has a lot of hospital and prison equipment all around the place and serves things like human intestines (glorified long sausages) and Nounai Hassha, a.k.a. The Brain Buster by giving you a mannequin head full of the stuff.