Awkward Experiences to Avoid When Traveling Abroad

Let’s get one thing clear- traveling abroad is never as smooth and flawless as you expected it to be when you were planning the trip! Be it last-minute changes in the schedule, financial disasters or language problems that land you in trouble, there are limitless things that can go wrong. No matter how good you are at vacation planning, there are bound to be some unpleasant and awkward scenarios that you encounter during your trips. Here is a list of awkward experiences to look out for and tips to avoid them when you are traveling abroad-

  1. Inappropriate clothing issues

Clothing is one factor that needs to be considered when traveling to another country. You don’t want to be caught up in a situation where the clothes you wear are unacceptable to the local community! This especially becomes an issue when you are visiting countries where exposing a lot of skin is considered to be immoral. So, make sure that you do your research and pack the right clothing when traveling abroad.

  1. Mixed gender travel

If you are a tourist from the liberal part of the globe, planning a trip with your male companion to one of the religiously conservative places, this could be an issue for you. In some countries, mixed gender travel is still frowned upon. You don’t want to end up finding yourself in an awkward situation where in the hotel you have booked doesn’t allow you to stay because you guys are not married! So, make sure you first check the conditions while booking accommodations in order to avoid such goof-ups!

  1. Don’t get too drunk!

Every travel guide will warn you about the hazards of getting drunk in a foreign country, especially if you are a solo traveler. We all love to party when on a vacation. But, having said that, it is probably not a good idea getting hammered so much so that you get caught in unpleasant situations. Not only will you have a tough time convincing the authorities, but you might also be an easy target for thieves and other criminals- and this type of drunk-scenes might end up ruining your entire trip!

  1. Faux-pas with food

There is a good fat chance of you being served food which is not what you thought you ordered, especially if the entire menu is in an unfamiliar language! When you are thinking about how to plan a trip to such cities, make sure that you learn at least the basics of their local language and carry some alternative food provisions for worst case scenarios.

  1. Sticking out of the crowd

Sticking out as a foreigner in a group of locals can be a problem as you become an easy target for pickpocketing and it also increases the chances of you getting fooled by aggressive vendors. This happens because you act, speak, dress and behave differently than the locals and that makes you stand out! Try to blend in the crowd and try adapting to the local dressing sense and mannerisms in order to avoid this situation!

The bottom line is, to avoid any type of awkward situation while traveling abroad, do your research and plan accordingly!