6 Amazing Places To Go In Florida

When it comes to the top tourist spots in the world, Florida would surely be among the top list. Each year, Florida receive millions of visitors that plan on taking a vacation or tour as they endless white beaches, warm and perfect weather, and family-friendly indoor and outdoor activities. If you are looking for some great activities to do in Florida, then you have come t the right place.

3 Things to Include in Bag Before Traveling to Florida

Most of you are all aware of the things you needed to prepare before visiting a state or another country, right? Therefore, some of the things that we are about to list here aren’t new to you but still worth mentioning, especially for first-time travelers. Now let’s start:

  1. Passport

This is the most obvious thing that you need to ring when you are visiting another country or passing a border. Therefore, make sure that you have all your important papers, tickets, and passport in your bag before leaving your house.


ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization determine if you are eligible to visit a state or travel to the USA. This has become an obligatory act in the year 2009 to increase the US’s border security. Therefore, you are required to fill up a form whether if your the purpose of visiting the US is for business or personal purposes.

You can easily apply for a USA ESTA online as long as you have a valid e-passport, a passport issued by VWP, and if your stay won’t last for more than 90 days.

  1. Hot Weather

Unlike most state in the US, Florida has warm weather. Therefore, you should prepare sunblock do avoid sunburns.

And those are the important things that you need to bring during your travel to Florida. Now let’s move on the most amazing places to visit in Florida.

  1. Treasure Island

If you love to tan on white sand beaches, then you would surely love to visit Treasure Island. The island welcomes its visitors with white sand beaches and warm ocean water from the Gulf of Mexico.

With about three miles of its beachfront, you’ll have a lot of walking to do once you’ve decided on spending the day on the beach. This getaway is family-friendly, so you can bring your kids along to your trip.

  1. Walt Disney World

Yes, this is mostly a “kid’s” dream tourist spot, but a lot of adults has actually loved visiting the place because it made them ‘feel’ like a kid again. Even if you are a hard-core traveler, you would surely soften up in this place while sparking your imagination and inspiration.

  1. Miami

If you want to feel a vibrant mix of Columbian, Cuban, and Haitian cultures, then you should go visit the Latin city, Miami. The city has a lot of Instagram worthy spots that you can take pictures from while appreciating their distinctive art deco architecture.

  1. Fort Castillo De San Marcos

Looking at the 17th-century fort at St. Augustine would surely give you a vibe of the past. The fort was built with a type of limestone called coquina. It is a type of soft stone that doesn’t seem like a good choice for a fort, but it has shown quite the opposite.

If learning about the city’s history is something that you enjoy doing, then visiting this place in Florida would be a good addition to your list.

  1. Universal Studios

If Disney World is too innocent and colorful-looking to you, then you might want to consider on visiting Orlando’s Universal Studios as an alternative spot to visit, rather than Disney world. You can either choose to go on Universal Studios Florida or Universal’s Islands of Adventure, so choose the platform you want.

  1. Sanibel Island

If you are a conchologist or has the habit of picking something that is worth bringing home as your ‘remembrance’ of the place, then you would surely love this island that is full of shells in its shores. Visiting the place will give you the opportunity to bring home the most beautiful shell that you can find on the island’s shore.


So there you have it, the abovementioned list is several of the most amazing places that you can visit in Florida. Since Florida is one of the largest states in America, the given places above are just a small list of what the city could offer. Therefore, the places that you can check out in Florida is not limited to this article’s list.