3 Tips for Planning a Tropical Vacation

You’ve been daydreaming about it for months: blue skies, white sand and as many umbrella drinks as your stomach can hold. Before you jet off to the tropics, however, there are a few preparations that you can make to ensure the best possible trip. Here are three tips for a great time on the beach!

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1. Scout Your Location Where are you going? Where can you lodge for the duration of your stay? How much will it cost? Is the currency different? What about transportation to get around the local shops and restaurants? These are all important questions to ask before you book your ticket, especially if you plan on vacationing somewhere with a high level of tourism. You don’t want to go when the crowds are thick and the prices are high. Schedule your trip for a different time.

2. Mind the Weather This is especially important when you’re planning a beach vacation. Don’t arrive during monsoon season! You’ll want sunny days and mild temperatures, so look up the average climate during the months when you want to travel. It might be better if you take your trip during late spring or early autumn rather than the height of summer. Again, however, watch out for rainy seasons if you’re traveling overseas. They can really put a damper on a beach trip.

3. Pack Appropriately You might think that you only need a bathing suit and a pair of flip-flops, but the truth is that every destination is different. The bugs might be stronger in some locations than others, for example, so you might need long sleeves to protect you when the sun goes down. Or maybe there are cultural expectations where you’re going that will necessitate different clothes. You won’t know until you do your homework. These are just a few tips for planning a beach vacation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at Jamaican resorts or Bald Head Island rentals; the most important thing is that you’re being smart and careful about your choices. You can relax when you actually arrive at your destination. Until then, be prepared.